ATG 10+ COVID Travel Accessories

10+ Perfect Travel Gifts for COVID

The world of travel looks a bit different now due to COVID, but you can be prepared to travel safely with these selected COVID travel accessories.

Travelling today looks a lot different than it did two years ago. While most of the world is starting to open up to travelers, there are a lot of things that have changed. Since things opened back up we've taken a few cruises with the new restrictions and are just happy to be back out travelling.

Still, there are a few different travel accessories that we have found to make travelling right now just a little bit easier. Below are 10+ of our top recommendations of COVID travel accessories.

1. This Combination Passport and Vaccine Card Holder

When travelling internationally right now, the two things you definitely need to have ready are your passport and your vaccination card. This two pocket travel document folder is perfectly set up to hold and protect both documents. I particularly like the embossed PU leather design and the variety of colors; every member of the AWA Travel household can get their favorite color and it is a lot easier to make sure we grab the right passport. There is plenty of space so you can also use the passport wallet to store your boarding passes, room keys, currency, or just about any other paper or card that you need to travel with.

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2. This Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Wristband

If you want to always have hand sanitizer with you, but don't like the idea of carrying around and storing a bottle, this stylish wristband is the perfect accessory. Just fill with hand sanitizer, or any other lotion you need, and strap onto your wrist. When you need to dispense, just press down on the wrist strap with your other hand and you are good to go. The HandiGuru comes in a variety of different colors and designs, so you can grab one for hand sanitizer, one for sunscreen, and another for moisturizer and have easy access to every lotion you need.

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3. This UV Phone Sanitizer With Built-In Charger

The PhoneSoap was a first of its kind combination UV phone sanitizer and charger, and is now being copied by hundreds of imitators. We stick by the original, however, which has sold millions since being featured on Shark Tank all the way back in 2015. UVC is known to thoroughly sanitize surfaces, and during the times of COVID that’s even more important than normal. This goes one step further by also allowing you to charge your phone while it sanitizes. Perfect for the end of a day when you are going to be charging your phone anyway. Start each day of your trip with a fresh, clean, and sanitary phone.

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4. These Graphic Art Face Masks

In today's day and age, masks are more than just a health statement, they are fashion statements too. There are a ton of different designs out there so you can match your mask to your mood, your outfit, or your activities, but we love the collection from Secret Artist. These masks are washable, reversible, available in three different sizes, and made from a comfortable yet breathable cotton fabric. For travelling, I particularly love this featured kabuki mask design. Japan was one of our absolute favorite travel destinations, and this design brings back so many good memories. Another very popular design is the Would you buy it?

5. This Portable UV Sanitizing Wand

UVC is a proven and efficient way to sanitize surfaces, and even hospitals and businesses use UVC light as part of their sanitation procedures. With the rise of Covid, sales of portable UVC wands like this one have exploded, and for good reason. Unfortunately, you do need to be really careful, as UVC can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Older mercury-based UVC lamps can be particularly dangerous, but even the newer UVC LED lights are not without risk. There are cheaper options out there, but we are particularly fond of this model because of the added safety features. This wand comes with a child safety lock to prevent curious kids from accidentally turning it on, as well as an auto-shutoff feature to protect your eyes if the wand is not pointed downwards. You will still want to be extra careful to not shine the light on your skin or in your eyes, but we do feel better with the added safety features of this model.

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6. This Touch Free Door Opener and Multitool

In the category of items we never knew we needed invented comes this no touch door opener. Designed to be able to hook onto most styles of door handle, this tool allows you to open and close doors without needing to touch the handle and possibly contaminate your hands or get sick. The tip of this multitool also includes a rubber stylus that will work with your touchscreen devices, and can also be used to press buttons on an elevator or on a card reader PIN pad. This model is made entirely out of metal, so it is very durable, and comes with a keyring attachment so you can easily always keep it on hand.

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7. This Waterproof Vaccine Card Protector

Like it or not, a lot of travel these days requires proof of vaccination. Keeping track of that little card can be a challenge, and nobody needs the added stress of worrying about losing it. There are a number of card sleeves out there, but we really love the unique designs available on this multi-pack. Water resistant, easy to see through, unique designs, and an easy to attach clip make these an excellent investment for anybody traveling now. Even better, once everything gets back to normal the 4x3 card holder can still be used for identification, credit cards, room keys, or anything else of a similar size.

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8. These Travel Sized Sanitizers With Jelly Wrap Carriers

No matter where, when, or how you are travelling, hand sanitizer is pretty much a must. No more need to worry about public bathrooms being out of soap, or accidentally touching used gum on the underside of a handrail. These hand sanitizer packs are small at only 1 ounce, so they are TSA carry on approved, and can easily fit in your pocket, purse, bag, or even on your belt loop. The jelly wraps that come with each bottle easily hook onto keychains, bags, backpacks, belt loops; pretty much anywhere you could possibly want to hang some hand sanitizer for quick access.

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9. These Face Masks With A Straw Flap for Easy Drinking

We've all heard the mantra, masks must be worn except when actively eating or drinking, but why stop there? These masks have a built-in straw hole with a velcro and cloth flap so you can get your drink on without having to take off your mask. It is worth noting that these masks are not as protective as a normal face mask, and will not be allowed on some forms of transportation such as planes, they are a great option when in less risk prone situations. Outdoor bars or drinks by the pool, you can have the added safety of a mask without having to struggle with your beverage.

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10. This Dinosaur Themed Face Shield for Kids

If you are travelling with kids getting them to wear masks for extended periods can be a challenge. Even with a mask on, kids are more likely to pick at and scratch their face or rub their eyes, so a little extra protection can be a huge benefit. This set of 4 face shields offer protection for the entire face, including the eyes, and come with an awesome dinosaur design that's sure to please the little travellers in your life. While not as effective as proper masks, having these shields available for areas where masks are not required could be a great compromise to keep children safer than if they were going completely face covering free.

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11. This At Home, Self-Administered COVID Test

Many forms of travelling currently require a negative COVID test result, including all cruises and most international travel. While these home kits are not approved for travel, you still need to have a monitored test for that, they are an essential part of proper travel preparation. Self-testing ahead of your travels can give you peace of mind and reduce the risk of mandatory quarantine. If you do not get a positive test result until you have arrived in your destination country, you may be forced to quarantine at your own expense. That means that not only will you not get to see any sights, but you may need to use up more vacation time than you were planning and could be out significant amounts of money. These home test kits can be a great way to find out before you travel if you are going to test positive, so you can seek treatment and quarantine in the comfort of your own home.

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12. This Set of Silicone Mask Brackets

If you ever have a problem with your mask being right against your mouth, these mask brackets can be a figurative life saver. By holding the mask slightly away from your mouth, these brackets improve the breathability of your mask, and also stops them from being stained by makeup or saliva. If you are out in the heat, say at a theme park, these brackets can also help keep your sweat from saturating the mask and causing skin problems where the fabric rubs against your face. While there are some cheaper plastic options out there, we prefer the soft silicone construction of these brackets.

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13. These Tie-Dye KN95 Face Masks

If you want the most effective masks to wear while travelling then the best option is a KN95 mask. Disposable, budget friendly, and they filter 95% of all aerosols, just like the pricier US Hospital grade N95 masks. They might be effective, but the standard plain white, light blue, or black masks are dull, and when travelling you want to have fun. That's why we love these tie-dye, multicolored KN95 masks. I would call them the mullets of masks, but these don't go half way. These masks are all business, all party.

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14. These Travel Wipes for All the Icky Surfaces

It isn't just your hands that need sanitizing. Arm rests, tray tables, door handles, remote controls, hotel room thermostats… Our travels are filled with surfaces that are touched by dozens or even hundreds of people in a day. Lysol is a well established brand when it comes to disinfecting wipes and sprays, but the big bottles you may have at home really aren't travel friendly. That's why we love these portable packets of sanitizing wipes. Easy to pack up and go, and there are plenty of wipes in each package that you can sanitize your entire hotel room if you wanted to.

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So, what did you think? Have you already started travelling again, and if so have you used any of our suggested products? If you haven't travelled yet, which of these do you think looks the most useful?

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